A Rising Fire

from by Arkhane

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Dark clouds of a waking storm at hand
The eyes of a thousand arctic gales
Upon the layers of this snow
The pyres of a million worlds below
Streaming through the melted snow is a river of blood and ash
The shining of a golden helm blazes through the towering clouds

A blanket clouded sky of coal
It rips apart the ground
The cold red sun the size of hell
Swallows the demon moon
I watch as death surrounds myself
Its frozen hands begin to melt
The winter landscape behind my back
In front, a chaos unfolds

A rising fire again
It licks the clouds above
No one seen within my sights
No more
The lights inside this bloom of sun
The tears of Earth are burned away
The groves and forests swallowed whole
And the art of life, no more

I slowly breathe the air, the smell of grass and rain
Awakened to the end and naught, the dancing harlequin ghosts
The saturated stagnant air brings my lungs to pain and mess
Within this hectic plunge, I feel the end is near

Twisting and turning the skies above
I've lost the sleeping stars
The beauty of a world dying
It brings me to my knees
The hands of heaven and of hell
Gripping the earth at once
The crumbling ground opens up
The winds are green with life


The embers, floating, of the fallen grove
It runs around my head
Reminding me of my borrowed time
A time that wants to be ended
The darkness binding that which calls me home
It calls me back to home
I want to see the last remaining hours
Of the world as we know.



from Sounds of Chaos, released July 1, 2017
Matthew Brown - vocals, guitars, bass, drum and synth programming



all rights reserved


Arkhane Texas

Starting off as rhythm guitarist of a nu-metal band, and then experimenting in a black metal duo, Matthew Brown remains the sole musician of Arkhane, since it's birth in 2008 to today. Formerly known on Myspace and Youtube as "Oath of Obscurity", Arkhane is a melodic and progressive approach to the metal genre, touching on topics such as life after death, armageddon, and the wrath of God. ... more

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